Friday, March 23, 2012

Mitch a Sketch

Ed Kilgore advises Democrats to not throw their Etch a Sketches away.

I absolutely agree.  In fact, the themes of Romney the ruthless vulture capitalist and Romney the flip-flopper complement each other (even more than Kerrry most liberal flip flopper did).  In each case he can be portrayed as being unscrupulous willing to do anything to get money then or power in 2013.  Each mean he is someone from whom one wouldn't want to buy a used car.

The polling is unclear.  The reason is that Obama has been under attack for years.  Most people haven't begun to examine Romney.  I'm sure they can be convinced by video of him saying one thing and its opposite with the exact same tone and expression (he only has one).  Political junkies consider Romney a totally outstanding flip flopper. We are sometimes leading indicators.  Also, on topics other than his own core beliefs (or the absence of same) Romney lies extraordinarily often even for a politician.

The assertion that Romney is completely unprincipled and untrustworthy has the additional advantage of being true.

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