Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I told you so

Kevin Drum notes that Mitt Romney really is extraordinarily unpopular compared to candidate major party candidates in past years.

I tell him that I told him so again and again.

This  isn't news.   Romney has had extraordinarily high unfavorables for a while now.  
Once you said this wasn't as true as the media want us to believe (language policing -- "media" is plural "as the media wants you to believe" should be "as the media want you to believe" or "as the medium wants you to believe") I said you were wrong in comments.You wrote that  the unpopularity of Republican 2012 hopefuls was "much more the rule than the exception" I typed in comments that you were wrong.Later you asked if Romney's high unfavorable rating was  normal.  I told you it wasn't 
The extraordinary astounding unique data can't be ignored anymore.  
I love to type "I told you so" but I told you so, again and again.

Drum has noted this before too, but only after I had told him so as I comment in a partially polite second comment.
Of course you have noted Romney's extraordinary unpopularity repeatedly too.  But I was convinced when you were still skeptical.

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