Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chait Comment 4 RJW Hypocrisy Alert

Fabled Obama Race Video Surfaces! [Updated]
By Jonathan Chait


See post on Romney lying about advocating a national health insurance mandate below. The latest shocking exposes (pardon my accentless French and fork this iPad) are a USA Today op-ed and video broadcast on Frontline years ago. This is going to be a long campaign. I mean just a race pitting faithful husbands against each other is painful to the more prurient angels of my nature (come back Bill vs Newt all is forgiven) but if the scandals are hiding in plain view, I might have to pay attention to the policy debate.

So as anyone who read Dreams From My Father but happens to be functionally illiterate doesn't know, Obama's obsessive quest to find common ground causes him to admit that Black nationalists (like Republicans ) have some valid points as he works interminably around to concludint that, after all, he doesn't agree with them. Totally shocking eh am I Wright ?

And. There is evidence both that Romney lies like a rug and that the other campaigns are incompetent. Knock me over wi a wrecking ball, no a dinosour killing asteroid.

At least you couldn't guess what crazy things Newt, Michelle, Herman and Rick might say. Romney is boringly predictable.

I blush at my shamed hypocrisy, but I have an excuse. He is paid to do this and this is my hobby. I am paid by La Repubblica Italiana to serve it to its exacting standards.

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