Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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New York Times Symposium Beats Straw Man Mercilessly


Greenwald’s penchant for telling bold truths that the corrupted partisans are too blind to see, in a manner that in no way is sanctimonious, is an inspiring example for us all. But he does tend to struggle with other aspects of his job, such as reading comprehension.


Correct headline "New York Times Symposium beats a dead straw man". For optimal humorous effect one must mix metaphors in a rabid Waring blender on speed. You try to be snarky,but you are an attack poodle which has sung it's swang song (in four part harmony with the spirit of H.L. Mencken, the fat lady and the octopus of fascism).


By the way, I'm sure readers here are cultured enough to know that "symposium" is classical Greek for Wankfest. Etymology like Karma. The meaning of a word can be distorted, even Bowdlerized, but in the end the moment of truth will come.

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