Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On Graphs and Spin

Brad says US GDP growth is relatively bad because we should have population growth

On pop growth.  I don't see how it helps GDP growth when the economy is in a liquidity trap.  I can see how it keeps inflation low even with rapid GDP growth, but I don't see the relevance under current circumstances.

Also you are arguably unfair to the USA as you start the recession at the US peak.  If you set the German peak to 100% then Germany would be below the US each compared to own peak.

So why am I typing this ?  Look Brad the US is considered the big country with the most expansionary policy.  US relatively bad means Keynes and Friedman failed (to the unwashed pundit masses).

You see the graph as showing that the US is doing nowhere near as well as it could and should.  Others see vindication of Angela Trichet.

Of course you are a social scientist and call em as you see em blogger, so you don't care.  But in case you did, you would be well advised to blog USA ! USA ! USA ! Better than old Europe in every way !

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